Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Cuba Libre

I've spent about half the past 48 hours in bed. Haven't been feeling really well - lethargy? Laziness? I'm sitting in the kitchen, drinking coffee and eating plums, running episodes from the second season of The Office. So that's kind of where my life is at right now.

Had my buddies over Friday night for sushi and Le Clos Jordanne - we tasted through the 2007/2008 vintages of their Village Reserve pinot noirs and chardonnays. We drank (and smoked) some other things as well, getting deep(er) and heavy(er) as the night went on. Managed a few hours of sleep before finishing my last piano lesson Saturday morning. My career as a piano teacher has finally come to an end after 11 years, but I suppose it had to happen. No I'm not selling the piano just yet. I'm feeling really sad because my Toronto routine is slowly coming to an end.

I'd like to visit Cuba, to go see Havana. Maybe someday. Until then, we make do with the wonderful cocktails that the island has given us. And one of them, a true classic, confirms that simplicity is a wonderful thing. Much abused as the 'rum & coke', the Cuba Libre is so much more. Especially when you use a good aged Jamaican rum, a bottle my buddies brought back from me from their stay in Negril. I'm in a bit of a mood right now. I keep telling myself I'll do better tomorrow, I'll get up earlier, I'll do more work. Really ... who are we kidding. This here is called running out the clock. All I want is to hang out with my friends as much as I can before I bounce. And finish the wine. Yeah, all the wine.

The Cuba Libre

Appleton Estate Extra 12 Year Jamaican Rum
Fresh lime juice

Fill a highball glass with ice

Pour: 2-3 bar spoons of lime juice, 2 ounces of aged rum, and fill glass with cola

Stir gently, rim the glass with lime, and garnish with lime wheels


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