Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Daiquiri

How do we end up with what 'our drink' is? Because if it's true that what we drink is a reflection of who we are, what does it say about me that one of the drinks I've been obsessed with lately brings me nothing but painful, horrible memories? Sometimes we drink to forget, but maybe I drink these to remember.

Legend has it that the daiquiri was invented around 1905 in Santiago, Cuba, by an American mining engineer called Jennings Cox, who worked at the Daiquiri iron mine. It was brought to America in 1909 by a U.S. Navy medical officer named Admiral Lucius Johnson, who introduced it to the Army and Navy Club in Washington, D.C. Its popularity rose in the 1940's because of Roosevelt's Good Neighbor Policy - opening up trade with Latin America, Cuba, and the Caribbean made rum readily available (and fashionable to drink).

And now it is a classic.

I went to the office of the General-Consulate of Spain in Toronto this Friday, to hand in my student visa application. As expected, I have to go again on Monday - slight hiccup with one of the forms. Finished early, so had a chance to walk around Bloor and the Yorkville area. Strolled through the grounds of the Royal Conservatory of Music for the first time, what they call the Philosopher's Walk. Met up with a buddy for lunch, before heading back home tired, sweaty, and in desperate need of a drink. I bitch and moan about all the other stuff I have to do for school, but this is all part of it, no? I signed up for this. No complaints. When I finally get the complete application in, I'll have time to relax and enjoy what looks to be the last summer I'll have in Toronto for very long time.

Dinner at a friend's place yesterday, bbq. We mixed drinks all night, keeping it simple. Mojitos and Tom Collins in pitchers - all that was then required was to fill the glass 1/3 of the way with the mix, add ice and top with soda water. Made all the more convenient by the fact that my friend grows mint in her backyard. For the rest of the night, Gimlets and Martinis. We're getting pretty good at the setup.

The Daiquiri

Your choice of either white or dark rum:
Havana Club AƱejo Blanco Rum or Appleton Estate 12 Year Old Jamaica Rum
Fresh lime juice
Sugar syrup

Using a jigger, pour: 1 ounce of lime juice, 0.75 ounce sugar syrup, and 2 ounces of rum into a cobbler shaker

Fill with large chunks of ice

Employ the three-step hard shake for 25-30 seconds

Strain into a chilled glass/coupe

Garnish with a lime wheel


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