Monday, August 26, 2013

settling in, remembering something sweet

Still adjusting, still trying to get settled. Which won't really happen until we get internet in the flat and I can stop climbing the hill to school to leach off their wifi. Patience is a virtue, especially in Spain. My first day of Spanish classes, and while we just had a half day today, tired. Need to get back into the routine of school, of learning. Of dragging my ass up before 9am. No complaints though ... I'm in Barcelona after all. Weather's been fabulous, consistently 28/29C everyday. I don't feel like the humidity's any higher than Toronto, but I'm constantly sweaty whenever I go out, so maybe not. I'll get used it, among other things. Until then, thinking about a trio of Sauternes I opened during my last few days in Toronto. Be back soon.


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