Friday, August 9, 2013

El Catrin Restaurant at the Distillery District

Four events in the span of a week for #TeamLCF, culminating with the pre-launch of El Catrin Restaurant in Toronto's Distillery District. Where Boiler House used to be, this is a large, open space with patio and indoor dining area. Beautifully set up, El Catrin is hoping that it's authentic, fine Mexican cuisine will make a splash.
You have to see the painted murals on the massive wall inside to believe it. Gorgeous.
And of course, the wall of tequila.
The food was great - delicate flavours, great texture. The oyster ceviche is a stunner. We were also served margaritas ... by far, the best I ever had. Strong, well balanced between the acid and sugar, great aromatics from the tequila. Only quibble? Not the choice of glassware, but rather the clumped salt on the rim, and the straw. Because salting a rim means that you want your drinkers to drink from the glass, not a straw. Just like how you wouldn't wear a belt and suspenders together. Now officially opened, would very much like to go back, for a bite and a good cocktail. 


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