Tuesday, August 13, 2013

sushi and Le Clos Jordanne

I've been having a lot of 'farewell dinners' lately. Same group of friends, but whenever we say goodbye at the end of the night, hurts the same everytime. I'm so soft. So this night, the last time I'd get to have dinner with a dear friend who was off to work in Beijing, I dug out some Niagara gems. Le Clos Jordanne 2007/2008's, the Village Reserve chardonnays and pinot noirs. We laid them out on the table ...
... drew the corks ...
... and started tasting. The Village Reserves represent the basic LCJ blend of fruit from all their vineyards - 3 for chardonnay (Claystone Terrace, Le Clos Jordanne, and Talon Ridge), and 4 for pinot noir (those previous mentioned 3 and La Petite Colline). We started with the pair of chardonnays. 2008 Le Clos Jordanne Village Reserve Chardonnay | VQA Niagara Peninsula, showing minerality and structure, wonderful linearity. The 2007 Village Reserve Chardonnay, showing the creaminess and richness of that hot vintage, while retaining an elegance and depth.
We moved onto the pinot noirs. I've always loved these wines - such class and soul. The 2008 Le Clos Jordanne Village Reserve Pinot Noir | VQA Niagara Peninsula, full of purity and minerality, drinking lovely now. The 2007 Village Reserve Pinot Noir, again showing the ripeness that the vintage achieved, and my wine of the night.
My buddy generously brought along one of his favourite Niagara chardonnays, a 2009 Closson Chase S. Kocsis Vineyard Chardonnay | VQA Beamsville Bench. By far the fattest, richest, oakiest wine of the evening, but does retain harmony and balance.
And we ended the evening off with a colheita port, the Dalva 1997. All the roundness and notes of maturity we want in a colheita. Delicious.

Another day down, another day closer to the big move. Bittersweet, definitely, to leave home, to leave on this adventure. Many people I will miss dearly. But I'm being a grump again. A few more days left in Toronto means a few more chances to eat/drink/make merry with loved ones. Heading to Niagara today, for some sun and wine. Looking for some good local food too. Let's get to it!


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