Monday, August 12, 2013

the last of it

2004 Château de L'Estang | AC Côtes de Castillon

I try not to be overly sentimental about wine. But feelings are feelings, and when you come to the last bottle of a wine from your impressionable, naive youth, you have so many feels. The 2004 L'Estang was one of the first bottles of Bordeaux I bought for the cellar - 5 in total. At the time, I was blown away how an $18 wine could be so complex, so interesting, so delicious. So, many years later, and steadily sampling a bottle every year, I finally got to the last one.

The last one.

Tighter than the one I opened last year, more angular in structure. Those classic cabernet notes, matured fruit and underbrush. Autumnal. A subtle, graceful wine. 

How things have changed in a year. We go on, we try to improve ourselves, and if we're lucky, we have someone to grow alongside with, to build something together. But clearly, at this stage, I'm in no position to ask that of anybody. Not nobody. So we go on as best as we can, with what we have. I went to church with my parents yesterday. They asked me to come, to say goodbye to everyone, because I don't go. It was nice seeing some familiar faces, getting everyone's best wishes. We had lunch with a couple afterwards as well, which was very kind of them. Lots of good advice being shared, but above all, to be brave, to find your own path, and if one doesn't exist - to create your own. Much appreciation.

With the last bottle, there isn't a feeling of sadness. There's rather a lightness of spirit, that all the prior experiences have contributed to develop you into the person you are today. I'm ready to get this started.


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