Wednesday, August 28, 2013

wheels turning

Vale chicos, so finally got internet at the flat, got my empadronamiento, and now all that's left to tick off (non-academically) is the NIE and bank account. Not exactly fully settled in yet, but closer.

This place has been pretty awesome so far. Not saying that I'm not a little homesick, or that I miss my friends back home, but it's certainly been an eye-opening experience moving to a new continent. People do things so differently here, and it's been a huge adjustment to understand how things get accomplished. The Spanish are exactly as people say they are. Relaxed, passionate, easy-going. Most of the city is shut down - we walked nearly half an hour to get to a restaurant the other night only to find it shuttered, without any explanation. I suppose that's the attitude you adopt when money really isn't a motivating factor.

What else ... the girls are as good looking as advertised. It's clean here, and even though dog owners don't pick up after their animals, I've yet to see a fly or mosquito. Weather is great, and amazingly, the same every single day. It's actually been cool the last few days - even busted out my hoodie. Lots of surprises. Everyone under 30 seems to be tattooed, none of the men seem to believe in leg days, and well, 10pm dinners. I started Spanish class this week, so that's been interesting. Good to be learning something useful, and be surrounded by a great group of classmates. With zero exaggeration, this is possibly the most international group of people I'll ever meet again. For example - today, before having lunch, I've already talked to someone from Saudi Arabia, England, Portugal, Singapore, Korea, Japan, America, a Kuwait, China, India, Germany, and Austria. What's tripping me up is Spanish pronunciation and some of the vocabulary - it's so different from French, and while I was never fluent in French, what little I did manage to learn is staying hard in my head. I really, really, really don't want to start developing a lisp!

I haven't really taken time to explore Barcelona yet, in any great detail, but I have at least strolled through some of the major areas. Sagrada Familia was epic. And the waterfront, from the Port to the beach is gorgeous. Tristemente, didn't have a cannabis mojito. yet.

Getting excited, my friends. It's been 4 months since my birthday today, and things have changed so much. All I did 4 months ago was accept the IESE offer. Am I ready to call Barcelona home yet? Maybe in a few more weeks. Hasta luego chicos.


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