Wednesday, September 18, 2013

a month in Barcelona, a month in paradise?

Paradise? Maybe. Maybe not. It's certainly been interesting though, since arriving in Barcelona exactly a month ago, today. Day 3 of our IESE Orientation, and it's been exhausting. A last morning lecture about leadership, before breaking for lunch and then an afternoon of presentations on career services and career management. I know they're trying to help, trying to give advice, but at some point, we (I) just need to shut it all out and just start going through it myself. All their advice in the world won't help. This is a 2 year program, and we're all mature students. This ain't undergrad no more. And since the ten or so 2nd years I've spoken to have given me ten different opinions about how their first year went, I'm inclined to not listen to another goddamn piece of advice. Let's get on with it.
Orientation notwithstanding ... this is a beautiful town. I know I tend to complain a lot, but I suppose it's just a natural impulse. I'm not actually that miserable. I was miserable in Toronto. And now that I'm here, I'm finally doing things on my own terms, in control of my own life. Finally. I've been given every chance to succeed here. I've got friends that love me and have my back. Friends who've supported throughout the hell that was the application process ... friends that were genuinely proud and happy that I got accepted here. Friends who've taken me out the last few weeks I was in Toronto, who gave me gifts, who wrote me cards, who drove out with me to the airport just for a final hug. I love you guys so much ... you are my motivation. No complaining here. When the shit hits the fan, when the work starts mounting up, when internship applications begin - no complaints. Because this is exactly what I wanted to do, exactly what I needed to do. I won't let you guys down.

- photos taken in El Born, Barcelona


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