Monday, September 16, 2013

IESE Orientation, Day 1

So today we had our first day of orientation at IESE. A 10 hour day in full business attire, tie pin and all. The walk up was fine, but it was the walk back home in a wool suit, under the Barcelona sun that was the death of me.

A lot of interesting lectures and presentations today given by some very clever, accomplished, aspirational people. Lots of talk about leadership, about change, about upcoming economic trends. But a few things stood out, and they all had to do with our personalities, this ongoing personal development we were all beginning. We were shown a picture for a few seconds, just enough time to get a glimpse. We were told to guess what animal it was. A duck, a rabbit, some shouted. And all I saw was a squirrel. I guess I am a true Canadian. Head shape, correct, the way the thighs curl up, the tail tucked and arched at an angle. Unmistakably a squirrel. And as it turns out, the people who see squirrels are both highly intelligent, as well as highly sexual. Go figure. We did personality tests a while back for a company called Insights, and they sent a presenter over to explain our results. A booklet was printed out, with pages and pages detailing our personalities, our strengths/weaknesses, and how we should interact with our opposites. Eerily accurate. I mean ...

David's view of the world is concrete and specific although he will occasionally be more spontaneous than he appears at first sight.

He is aesthetically appreciative and values quality. He often sees when colours match or blend and may have a highly developed taste for art, music and food.

He is seen by others as intellectually independent. Both for himself and others, fun, relaxation and free time are scheduled and prioritised events. He has a distrust for the ostentatious, the speedy and the fanciful.

David may express affection non-verbally and appreciate others' company on a rather abstract level. He is suspicious of what may be lurking beneath a smile.

Straight truth there. A bit frightening actually, because I have no idea how they derived all this from that survey we took. But at least it's confirmed that yes, I have a clear idea of who I am, what I am. No self-delusion, high self-awareness. That's always a good thing right? We've got a full week planned ... they run a tight ship here. In the meantime, trying to enjoy it all, get back into the mindset of a student again. And one more weekend of carefree bar-hopping. One last weekend.


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