Wednesday, September 25, 2013

maintaining some perspective in front of these high and mighty walls

I officially started my MBA studies today ...
... and it was rough.
... I didn't really understand the cases, or even how to adequately prepare for them ...
... and many of the concepts being discussed by the class left my head spinning.
But as these ancient stone walls can attest to, moments of self-doubt and anxiety pass. What makes them mighty and ever-lasting is the maintenance of perspective amidst the maelstrom, sucking in life and limb. I've risked so much to be here, sacrificed and worked hard to earn my place. All our starting points may be different, and they should be - we're all working for different things, different goals, different purposes. The MBA is what you make of it, and while work ethic is an undoubted must, we can't lose sight of why we're here. These high and mighty walls are still standing not because of whim but because of a sense of purpose. I'm being nonsensical now, aren't I. It's been a long day and I thought I'd be able to go to sleep earlier but I'm stuck in the mud in accounting already. May tomorrow be a good day, and may the weekend arrive soon.

Photos: Catedral de la Santa Cruz y Santa Eulalia, Barcelona


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