Wednesday, October 30, 2013

and next on the list ...

What a ridiculous 3 weeks we've had. Papers and midterms, the final one (Financial Accounting) done today. Drained. But no rest, because I leave for London tonight. Out with classmates on a marketing trek to visit and meet with some companies there, as well as attend the Asia Career Forum hosted by London Business School. At least everything's in order. Got a haircut, napped, and now packed, I'm looking up cool places in central London to eat/drink.

You remember this plant. I bought it from Ikea just about 2 weeks or so after arriving here. And the main stem has completely died - rotted and black, the leaves simply fell off. But a small shoot was underneath it all, valiantly pushing upwards. Such a noble struggle. I will take care of you little one. Which is more than I can say for myself. Haven't been eating properly, exercising, or sleeping, for that matter. But it's ok. We have a (relatively) calm week coming up, time to get back to routine. And then the last push to finish off the term ...

To London!


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