Sunday, October 27, 2013

in search of good beef

What a weekend. And not in a good way. Friday, didn't come home from campus until late, doing practice accounting exams with my team. Saturday morning bright and early, back on campus for an extra Decision Analysis session. Then, stuck in the flat reading, working, and (occasionally) procrastinating. I was under no illusion that being a student again was going to involve this kind of work, but when you're actually doing it, it sucks big-time. One more day to prep tomorrow. At least the next two weeks will be good - London and then a week of the communications course.

Beef in this country has been (thus far) a huge disappointment. The Spaniards don't eat steak, don't interpret steak as we do. Everything's either veal here or so lean anything but the flashiest of grilling will render it inedible. It's not cheap either - at best, about 10-11€ for a kilo. I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I miss those simple, unfussy Costco 3-pack sirloin steaks. Apparently there are steakhouses in town, but on a student budget ...

In the meantime, this red meat lover will have to keep on trying different butcher shops. But for now, bed - it's late, I'm cranky, I'm anxious to get this over with. Living the student life! 


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