Friday, October 11, 2013

Mario Monti at IESE

This past Monday evening, I was privileged to attend a session titled 'The Future of Europe and its Influence in a Global World', marking the 50th anniversary of Ermenegildo Zegna in Barcelona. The session featured the CEO of Zegna Group, Gildo Zegna, and the keynote speaker was Professor Mario Monti, former Italian Prime Minister and European Commissioner. Left inspired, and although it was a long day after the career forum, heady with ideas.
What will our contributions be after our 2 years here? Will it be in public service? Will it be in developing countries? Or will we fulfill the worst stereotypes of business schools and think of nothing but self-interest, remaining dull and uninspired? I don't know what my contributions will be, but I've been thinking about it much more lately. It's been a long week, and yes, we're all screaming for sleep - I'm tucked in already on a Friday night - but we have to think about these things because we don't have much time here and it's so, so easy to get back into our old habits, our old mindsets again. We learn and change through osmosis, definitely, but we also have to make a dedicated conscious effort at it too ... we cannot simply pay lip service to 'self improvement and development'. And as Professor Monti and Mr. Zegna expressed, there is much hope for the future. That's all we need to change the world right ... inspiration and hope.


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