Monday, October 7, 2013


It's a lifestyle, after all. Tapas, that is. A little plate of this, a little plate of that. Never really filling you, never really satisfying in a way that a big, proper meal can. But it does have its charms, its pleasures. A little fling if you will, a flirtation. A lingering kiss, before she disappears into the night.

The Career Forum kicked off today at IESE. A mad scrum for consulting and banking presentations. They tell you not to fall into the trap of 'banking fever' - that is, applying to banking/consulting just because that's what everyone's doing. So I'm not. Team meeting in the morning, before I went to C/Mallorca to pick up my NIE card. And finally, finally, now that I have all my documentation ... I'm settled in Spain. Dam, I'm pretty much a local now. Quick nap at home (and of all times, our idiot neighbours decide to practice piano, badly, at noon), before heading back to school to catch some industry presentations and take part in the Career Fair. Attended a fantastic IESE alumni event tonight. The school invited former Italian Prime Minister, Mario Monti, and CEO of Ermenegildo Zegna, Gildo Zegna, to share their insights on the topic 'The Future of Europe and its Influence in a Global World.' Fascinating to hear the insights of a man who was instrumental in shaping Italy's economic policies, and who has first-hand knowledge of the role that Germany has played in Europe's economic recovery. Overall, a tone of optimism for the future, as well as support for the steadying hand of Germany. Feeling privileged to have attended, the exact kind of event I was hoping for when I decided on this school. Excellent.

We try and do the best we can with what we have. No more, no less. And so although we experience things here that are new, that are unfamiliar, and that aren't altogether comfortable, we plow through because these experiences will make us better people. And if you can't find pleasure or meaning in a plate of berberechos a la plancha ... I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but tapas ain't one.


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