Monday, October 21, 2013

tomorrow I'll do better

Tomorrow I'll do better, tomorrow I'll do better. The more I repeat it, the more hollow it sounds. Is it a motivational way to look at things, in that let's keep raising the bar kind of way, or just an excuse, an exercise in self-delusion? I know exactly what I am, and I'm definitely in the latter category. Failing miserably at developing a good work ethic, something moving here and starting an MBA was supposed to fix.

Just had a horrible weekend - completed and submitted my first midterm of grad school. It was a paper for our Analysis of Business Problems course, a case about a Canadian mining contractor. Intense, the things I've picked up on in 4 weeks of class, but I still feel so behind. And while I'm getting better at it, the productivity just isn't picking up. Good study habits just isn't happening. Deep breathe, incremental steps, we can do this ...

Those aren't the real ones. Let me show you the real ones. So said my teammate from Girona about the pimientos de Padrón I was hyperventilating about. So when he went back home, he brought me back a bag of the real stuff. Same intense green colour, slightly longer and pointier than the ones I pick up at La Boqueria. But the real surprise was in the mouth. There's a famous saying that Os pementos de Padrón, uns pican e outros non, Galician for Padrón peppers, some are hot and some are not. Well, these were definitely spicy. An explosion of chili spice, a white hot burn that ends just as quickly as it begins. Leaves your palate smoking, and with that heavy salt, wanting more. I've gotten quite good at frying these, especially compared to my first time. You roast them in the pan over a medium heat in good olive oil, making sure they don't blacken. At the first sign that the skin is wrinkling, you take them off the heat - the residual heat will continue withering the skin, whilst leaving the flesh intact and fragrant.

It's all a balance here. Of flavour, of texture, of academics, career, and life. Tomorrow I'll do better. 


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