Saturday, November 30, 2013

Better than what I was ... still a long way to go

What makes a good gin tonic? The gin? The tonic? After exploring a bit, and drinking around this city, I think I've gotten a better sense of what this drink is, or rather, what makes the Spanish gin tonic so unique. It's that balance of opposites - simplicity and complexity. A minimalist drink that does everything a grand cocktail should do ... refresh yet excite you intellectually. The way the gin expresses a savoury or floral or fruit character, and how the tonic amplifies those aromas/flavours. The way the choice of garnishes bring all those elements together, enhancing taste in a visual way. As close to a perfect cocktail as I can imagine, replacing even wine on my table the last few weeks.

So simple, but how do we make great gin tonics? It's an easy cocktail, as far as ingredients and measurements go. But to make ones that dazzle require something that can't quite be written in a recipe. It's that feeling I suppose, of what you want to express. For me, the best gin tonics I've come across as yet are those with Xoriguer or Nordes gin. That beautifully floral and fruit character, balanced with great texture. Really plays well with fresh lime, and a tonic with good bitterness and a touch of spice. Elegance, with a firm backbone. My approach (or one I'd like to learn) towards everything.

This weekend has been all about our final paper for Analyzing Business Problems class. A tough one, with what seems like infinite variables. But it all boils down to simplicity, doesn't it, with good precision and focus. Narrow down your arguments, back them up, and present it lucidly, with good logic. As our professor likes to say, easy-peasy-lemon-squeezey.

Two weeks until our first term is over. The MBA is difficult. Sleep is as elusive as they said it was. And I've done NOTHING outside of going to campus, even on weekends now. We're supposed to take time to reflect regularly on our progress, and we've tried to adopt that through team feedback sessions. I hope my team sees progress in me. I'm trying hard. Working really hard on cases, on preparation for class. For myself, of course, but also so I don't let them down. In a lot of ways, this is so unnatural to me. I'm definitely out of my comfort zone, to say the least. But after talking to a few of my professors, I've really put an effort into participating more in class, being more vocal. A major weakness, but I'm trying. Two weeks to go. Not taking good care of myself, but, well, two more weeks to go.


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