Tuesday, November 26, 2013

growing up and learning new things

2008 Pittacum Mencía | DO Bierzo

North American wine writers have written a lot about Bierzo. Old, ungrafted wines, completely unique ... a wine Eric Asimov has devoted a lot of column space to. Great. The wines are not easy to find in Barcelona. And the ones available are, well, forgettable. The Pittacum Bierzo, powerful and jammy. At least not in that Australian way, but amidst all the alcohol and sugar and round mouthfeel, something gets lost. The region (and its vines) are old, but it's only now starting to understand how to present its wines the world (if wine writers are to be believed). But is it on the right track?

The past 3 weeks have been a shitstorm. Winter is here in Barcelona, all gusty winds and chilly mornings. Which isn't so bad, coming from Toronto, but our flat has no heat. And when your legs cramp up from the cold because you didn't think you needed to bring sweatpants to Spain ... you get grumpy. And eventually sick ... again. It hasn't been easy. Lots of distractions too. For example, today, we (my class section and my team) were filmed during our session and team meeting. MBA Admissions wanted to shoot a new video showcasing the case study method, and while #TeamB5 is extremely honoured that we were chosen to be the subjects of this video, other MBA departments weren't. Definitely a sense of don't step on my turf, which extended to a rather testy exchange when we tried to explain why we missed one career services-organized workshop this morning because the film crew was behind schedule. Don't take it out on us. We're all trying very hard here to keep it together, and the snippy, self-righteous attitude isn't helping.

In the meantime, a few more team projects to hand in, lots of studying to do, and in about 3 weeks, finals. And then, Term 1 ends. Holy Mary it's been quick. Actually, not that much time has passed. It's all just been so compressed, so g/d intense. Trying to catch a second wine, but no way that's happening.

Fun things. Trying to think happy thoughts. I'm trying to create a wine & spirits club here. Maybe that's what I'll call it. The Wine & Spirits Club. The Wine Club. Wine. I'll think of something. Before we become official though, I want to host an informal tasting with the class. Something fun, something light. Something to take our minds off of all that bites. Talked to a restaurant, they've agreed to essentially rent out their space to us for 2 hours. Fantastic. Can't lose sight of all the possibilities here, outside of a case coursepack.

So, Bierzo. Of course we don't make a judgement on a few bottles. We don't do silly things like that. So we keep trying, we keep having an open mind. And hope we have enough rent money to last until the summer.


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