Saturday, November 30, 2013

what goes in, what comes out

Living the student life again! Ready to pull an all-nighter, because this paper isn't getting anywhere. Pain. So much pain. So much unproductiveness, so much slacking, so much laundry to do. I was so happy to find my favourite instant noodles in Barcelona. Even at 0.35€ a pop, which is theft. I go to the same grocery store all the time but the owner never acknowledges me. Come on. We're all Chinese immigrants here ... we have to stick together. Even if you are from some weird southern province, and speak an unintelligible dialect. A smile won't kill you, as I hand you money at the register.

This paper will be the life of me. So many options for this business problem, so many alternative action plans. Top of mind - hire a competent accountant. What goes in, what comes out. Shit in, shit out. Something to keep in mind. This is not going to end well.


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