Sunday, December 22, 2013

A first tasting - IESE Wine & Spirits

Some photos from that first wine tasting we held for IESE Wine & Spirits. A lineup of 5 wines, all white, all Spanish. Two from Catalunya, two from Penedès, one from Rueda. Our tasters were asked to taste through all 5 wines in groups, and then vote for two wines - their favourite of the 5, and which one they thought was most expensive. Right. Four wines were bought from the supermarket, and were under 5€. One was from a good wine shop, and considerably more expensive. The results were interesting. Most people preferred the second cheapest bottle, and only a handful identified the expensive one correctly. It took some experience, but the most expensive bottle, a Penedès, showed an elegance and restraint that the other wines clearly didn't have. Was it my favourite? No - the cheap Rueda really blew me away. Cheerful and incredibly drinkable, simply delicious.

Which goes to show that price sometimes really doesn't have bearing on our enjoyment of wine, if we remove it from our tasting equation. Can you tell expensive wine from supermarket wine? I believe so. I remember a tasting I did a few years ago with a company that made kit wine, a tasting that clearly proved that cheap (under $10) wines were very distinguishable from those over $15. 

I could talk more about each individual wine, but I'm a bit distracted at the moment. Toronto's been hit by a wicked ice storm, and a huge number of people, my parents and many friends included, are without electricity. There are reports of another major storm heading its way over soon, and people are being told that it will take 72 hours to restore power. There's not much I can do but sit here and wait for updates, but you know me ... I hate sitting on my hands and being useless. Take care of each other, my friends.


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