Friday, December 20, 2013

a taste of home

2010 Casa Ferreirinha Callabriga | DOC Douro

A bottle my flatmate brought in for us. A bottle that spoke of where he was from, what he believed in, who he was. Do we all have a wine like that? A wine that is simply us? Perhaps. On this night, the wine spoke of modernity, of balance, and of warmth of spirit. A wine that spoke of my flatmate indeed.

It's the holiday season, the first that I'll be spending away from my family. It's ok. I'm fully invested in this Spanish experience - I'm here for keeps. But being here has made me realize how great some things about Toronto are. The food, Jesus, what I wouldn't do for some Galleria pork bone soup. Access to good French wine. That first snowfall, when it's still all white and fresh outside. An old friend sent me a care package today, a poutine cheese curd making kit. Fantastic. They don't have my kind of comfort food here. So we come back to wine ... we always come back to wine.

Talking to a friend last night, and it came around to what this new wine/spirits/beer club's mandate is. Educating IESE MBAers on wine? Building the IESE brand in the Spanish wine industry? I settled on building a personal relationship with wine. Because what it comes down to is how we personally experience wine - how we figure out what we like, what excites us, what makes us want to learn and understand more. There is no single seminar, no single tasting that will accomplish this. Like all good things, it's a process, the true joy coming from the journey.


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