Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Feliz Navidad!

Amigos, Feliz Navidad! Nursing the mother of all hangovers, but it just means that we had a good Christmas Eve. Funny, how things are done just a bit differently here in Spain. Maybe it's because I'm not with family, not doing those familiar Christmas things ... maybe it's just adjusting to life without case preparation. The fact that the internet is down in Toronto isn't helping either. There's Christmas spirit here, with the lights and all, but it takes more than lights to give you those warm fuzzies inside. But no complaints. Helped a friend cook Christmas Eve dinner, and we had a small party to celebrate, toasting to our new lives here, and to our new IESE family.

So, I've written up a proposal for a new wine club at IESE. I'm confident with it, that we'll do big things. The thing I've been thinking about most is our mandate. What exactly do I want IESE Wine & Spirits to achieve? Sure, we want our members to learn something, to increase their understanding of wines, spirits, cocktails, and beers. But we also want them to have fun, to be genuinely excited about exploring the world of alcoholic beverages. And of course, we also want to increase IESE's brand in the industry, and to bring in professionals to the school. How do we achieve that? Our mandate will evolve, and continue to be refined as we go along, but here's our beginning:

The mandate of IESE Wine & Spirits is to deepen the understanding and appreciation of wine, spirits, cocktails, and beers, from both a hedonistic and business perspective.

Lots of work to be done these holidays. Let's get to it.


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