Saturday, December 21, 2013

lights, flashing

It's Christmas in Barcelona! Christmas markets and shoppers everywhere, but what's the most fun to look at are all the lights. As a classmate said, you start recognizing each street by the lights they have up. Each major street has a unique light display - quite impressive really (insert joke about Spanish economy/work ethic/siestas). But what am I saying. I've been a lazy pig this entire week. The holy trinity - eating, sleeping, drinking. 

I just finished drafting a proposal for my wine club. I sat for a while to try to think of a good name. Bodega IESE? IESE Vino? I figured that it'd be best if we had a name that was instantly recognizable, even if it was a bit lame. I hate being boring, but for now, tentatively, we're going with IESE Wine & Spirits. It was actually quite difficult, distilling what the mission statement and purpose of the club was. I have such high hopes for what we can achieve with this thing - but will other people feel as strongly? Is it realistic? Well, we're being trained in leadership, aren't we? My title as club president is self-appointed and all, but I'm confident we can do some big things in the next 2 years.

So, how does Christmas compare, being in Barcelona versus Toronto? It feels good to be here. I know I was a huge grump at the beginning, maybe even appearing aloof or standoffish, but 4 months in, I feel like I'm truly here with friends. Real friends. And that's in no way a slight to my old friends back home, my fam. Sure, we've been all been put together here in Spain by circumstance, but then again, it's the most amazing feeling to meet people that are actually from across the world from you (not just fake Chinamen like me), yet have so much in common. Had the best evening with a friend the other night. It's been so long since I've had a good, civilized conversation about art, life, wine, identity, culture ... incredible to think that she's from a totally different part of the world, who grew up in a totally different environment, from a totally different background. Yet here we are. We can talk and talk and talk and come away feeling energized, inspired, and fully at peace, because for some amazing reason, we connect. A family friend sent me an article recently about how Harvard and Stanford turns away even seemingly 99th percentile applicants. I'm not saying I belong there - after the results of first term exams, I clearly don't (academically). But I'm so at peace here, the happiest I've ever been. I'm in the right place, with the right people. And now that I'm all settled in, time to get to work.

Time to get my life in wine started ...


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