Monday, December 2, 2013

nodding, nodding, nodding

Up for 34 hours now. I'm so disappointed with myself. This last paper for our Analysis of Business Problems class was tough, but I should have been better prepared. Wasted far too much time thinking and discussing instead of doing. Fatal mistake. Didn't sleep Sunday night, and of course, rushed as the sun was coming up. Forgot too many important points, didn't have a chance to double check, arguments completely in a disarray. I'm so disappointed with myself.

Today was a rough day in class. Tried to stay alert, keep the adrenalin going, but man, 8 hours of classes and then 2 hours of Spanish after that ... just about impossible. But I made it. And, prepared for tomorrow's cases as well, which is why I'm only going to bed now instead of 9pm.

A few weeks ago, on a Friday night, I was in the mood for bourbon. Bourbon cocktails. So I went to my favourite Barcelona bar, Slow Barcelona, for a quick drink before meeting up with classmates. A Manhattan. Classic, American, and idiot-proof. A fantastic cocktail if the ingredients are good. Unfortunately, I learned a quick lesson that although this country is a master class in gin, bourbon is so far off the radar it might as well not even be offered. Not a single bottle of Maker's Mark in sight. Made with lots of care, and correctly, but when you're not using good whiskey ... what's that saying about a gold encrusted turd still being a turd? A disappointment.

We can sugar coat things, we can present things beautifully, but substance - true substance - is what really matters. People can say that I have an advantage, in terms of my English language ability. But all the finest prose in the world can't make up for substance, if in the end you have nothing to say. And if we're committed so something, if we're engaged ... we should always have something to say.


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