Thursday, December 19, 2013

the most expensive glass of water ever

I'm so upset with myself. I killed my MacBook Pro, after barely 3½ years. The best computer I've ever had, working perfectly, until of course I clumsily spilled a glass of water on it while it was on. Fizzle, splat, pop ... I fried her guts. My student budget is tight enough, and of course, now I have this to deal with. A week before finals, no less, when 3 exams required the use of a computer (1 with simulation software). Perfect. I have a new computer now, but why is this the unhappiest purchase ever?!

More cheerfully ... I've started planning what I want to do these holidays. Man, almost a week has passed since finals. Really need to step it up. I've been sleeping, eating, and drinking. The holy trinity. But I need to get out, leave Barcelona for a bit, see some things. Maybe Madrid. Maybe Jerez. We'll see soon enough. Four months in this city, and although there are still loads of fun, interesting, amazing things to do and see here, maybe I need to leave Catalunya to gain some perspective.


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