Tuesday, January 21, 2014

beat, and then we turn the corner ...

I am utterly and totally exhausted. Not proud of it, but I nodded off in class today and was caught by my professor. Shameful. My bad. But I've been working my ass off, preparing 3-4 cases a night, as well as keeping up with Spanish class. Modulo 4 finals in 2 weeks. Will I finally feel caught up? Maybe not - maybe for this entire MBA I'll feel out of breath, running on leaden feet. So we learn to find pleasure in the little things.

From Sevilla, we took a very, very early morning train to Granada. Worst idea ever. You can't go out late at night, so that night is wasted. You lose sleep catching the train, so by the time you arrive at the destination, all you want to do is nap. So this whole idea of let's get to the next place early so we have more time to explore is nonsense. Travelling isn't a race to hit as many guidebook must-sees as you can. So, that afternoon, still groggy from illness and lack of sleep, we wandered up to Albayzín. There wasn't much to see, most of the cafes were closed, and it was just an absolute labyrinth of tiny alleys and uneven cobblestone roads. And then we turned the corner, arriving at the Mirador San Nicolas. I sat down, taking in the view, the air, the sun. Not bad, Granada. Not bad.


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