Friday, February 28, 2014

a kilo of what?

A little dried, a little funky, a little chewy. All kinds of good. All kinds of happiness. All kinds of love. This isn't a kilo of well-marbled, dry-aged ribeye. No son, this is cecina de vaca, proving that when it comes to cured meats, the Spanish are one of a kind. Cured beef, tight and dry, with all the savoury, intensely beefy aromas and flavours that drive us carnivores wild. Mad I tell you, mad. I bought this chunk from El Corte Ingles as it was because on principle, I refuse to pay extra to have it sliced for me. A sharp knife, a steady hand, and carefully tucked in fingers are all you really need. Trim off the moldy skin, and away you go. A few slices of manchego cheese, some olives, some pepinos, a bit of bread, and of course, a few drops of wine ... that's the perfect lunch, no? Followed by a 2 hour siesta, Dios mío, what a wonderful country.


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