Tuesday, February 25, 2014

a little bit of age

2004 Irache Reserva | DO Navara

We get comfortable sometimes, we get complacent. We get stinky in our own scent, like a pig in shit, and we love it. So, as higher beings, we have to consciously recognize when we start experiencing those symptoms, to break out of it, to keep moving forward. Today was one of those days.

IESE organized a team building event today. A day in the woods, doing trust exercises with the team. And it was fantastic. A love fest. But it solidified that I'm so lucky to have these 7 teammates in my life ... my 7 life-long friends. Lucky. 

Old, familiar things give us comfort. And although I'm far from being Spanish (as Barcelona constantly reminds me), I've had a bit of experience with tempranillo blends. A simple wine, the Irache shows some good character with some age. Gritty, textural, full. A good, firm hug. I'm a simple person - I don't deal well with complications. As an emotional person, I just don't know what to do with myself sometimes. But some days, some wines ... they just feel right.


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