Saturday, February 15, 2014

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2012 Lolo Albariño | DO Rias Baixas

Quality of the wine notwithstanding, Spanish wine labels have the most fun. As a North American, we're far, far too concerned with inane details, these minuscule bits of information that we demand, yet have no idea what to do with. We want to see all manner of things on a wine label - region, grape, vinification ... what type of oak was used, how long it was aged in barrel, what temperature to serve it at, with what to serve it ... and now (North American) winemakers want to print an 'ingredients' lists as well? It's been repeated infinite times, but chicos, less is more. 

This is a fun wine. Simple, charming, fresh and vibrant albariño. Bone-dry, great acidity, but with enough fruit to keep it all in balance. Fantastic. But more than that, it's a wine that picks you up, cheers you up. And friends, that there is what wine is about.

Finished midterms! Tough all around, but if I'm speaking honestly, I've divorced my learning from my grades. A good policy, no. So Thursday night, out to Astoria Club for a few drinks. Fantastic times, all love in the club. A big, warm IESE family hug. The weather in Barcelona has been, in a word, perfect. Not going out on the big ski trip this weekend, but enjoying the city, the sun, and getting some culture. Big things coming up in the next two weeks - now that midterms are over with, time to focus on career planning. Let's go get it. 


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