Saturday, February 22, 2014

half the gin tonic ...

... is the tonic water, no? You want a complement to the gin that's elegant, that has balance, that will not obscure in any way the character of the spirit. A completely new concept to me, that tonic water could be so ... good. Man, they know gin cocktails here. Fever-Tree, a premium tonic water, expensive but worth every penny. At once floral and perfumed, dancing on your palate with tiny bubbles. A beautiful complement to citrusy, fruit-dominant gins.

Two days of attending the IESE Doing Good Doing Well Conference on sustainability. You know, I actually referenced this thing in my application essays. Some interesting speakers, especially today. John Bird with the quote of the conference: I'm a young 68. Younger than you lot. You're just superficially young. I wake up every morning and say, how can I change the world? Do you?


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