Friday, February 28, 2014

on that treadmill

Perspective is important, no? That sense of purpose, the bigger picture. It's so easy to lose it here, amid all the hustle, all the (at times) nonsense going on, in class and otherwise. The schedule is packed, every moment micro-managed, and although we try to get out and diversify our experiences, try to cram it all in, at some point, the wick burns through and a moment is needed.

IESE hosted the Doing Good Doing Well Conference last weekend. Lots of interesting speakers, insightful panels, ending with John Bird, high on his perch. Excellent. Followed with our second team building event this week, spending a day in the woods doing fun-tivities. Including, well, partaking in that most dignified of traditions, the game of drink. A little drop on my collar, but no matter. My ass feels chapped lately. A little under the weather, a little burned out, a little in need of a moment. I think it's time to hibernate this weekend. 


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