Tuesday, March 4, 2014

as the night blurs

Man. I'm feeling under the weather. I need to get better soon. Why? So I can die this Saturday. And what's happening Saturday? Only the biggest show of debauchery at IESE, Multi-Culti. Straight and reckless alcoholism, in the guise of diversity and multiculturalism. But what am I saying. We're only living up to that greatest and truest of MBA traditions - push yourself to the limit, in everything and anything you do, no?

This was the lineup way back, for Christmas Eve dinner. All sorts of things - a rosado (for me), some whites, some Rioja, a bit of Ribera. All cheap and cheerful bottles. Good stuff. Things started getting a bit hazy after the 3rd bottle. But, we celebrated, we enjoyed ourselves, and I made it home, safe. Fantastic. Schoolwork's been tough, really taking a chunk off my ass this term. But, we power through. Claw, bite, punch, whack, kick, jab ... whatever we need to do to get the job done. And then we celebrate, but only if victory is well-earned. A question to keep asking myself ...


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