Sunday, March 30, 2014

taking a moment

We get so caught up in day to day nonsense, don't we ... or rather, I get so caught up, worked up, messed up, thrown up. We need to take a moment, and smell the roses. To remind ourselves yet again that while the MBA is our absolute priority, there are other things too that we can't neglect. We need to be good to ourselves and take a beer - a good one, undoubtedly, but you already knew that. A quiet afternoon, alone, doing some work, doing some thinking, a good brew alongside. Who cares what this beer was. It served the most noble of purposes - a faithful, constant nod to the old ways, when honesty, respect, and integrity still meant something.

Going south here. But it's late, and this weekend has been all over the place. I can't deal with so many emotions man ... from finishing final exams to starting a new term, to finally feeling like I can hang out with my friends to getting grades back ... it's just too much for this wino to handle. So like all introverts, I go to my safe place, to sort out my head, to get things straight. At the moment, maybe I don't know which way is up, what the right thing to do is. So in these moments of uncertainty, we take a brief respite to collect ourselves, and then continue on ahead, head down, ready to work. Let's go get it. And this time, I mean it.


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