Sunday, April 6, 2014

high and lonesome

What is bluegrass? Songs of sorrow, of weariness ... songs of salvation to salve the soul. A high and lonesome sound. That good old-timey music.

How's all, son?

Not too good. 3rd term's starting off on a rough note. Beat down after 8 months here. Still no internship.

Can't be all that bad. 

No it can't. We are, after all, in Barcelona. It's 23°C outside. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and runs on the beach clear the head and lift the spirit. But man, my ribs are getting sore. I don't know how much more punishment I can keep taking.

We're doers, son. Stop bitching and just get on with it. We do the best with what we have.

Big weekend here. School event and all, for business schools across Europe. Partied hard for 3 nights now. What a waste of time. It's all the same, no, no matter where you are?  How many drinks am I going to have? How late am I staying? How come the music is so bad? Who am I (trying to) taking home tonight?

Focus is key.

Right. So a big week ahead. Lots to deal with before Easter.

Take a minute, take a breathe. And then get to it.

Easier said than done. But yeah. Yeah. At least we have bluegrass.

At least we have bluegrass.


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