Sunday, May 4, 2014

Semana Santa in Madrid

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Now's the time to focus. And get back into the routine of things, get back to working, get back to hustling. The past few weeks have been a little too comfortable, too soft. And we all know what softness does to a person. Come on, we the young bloods. Now's not the time for 2 hour lunches and a siesta.

Easter is a week-long event here in Spain. Semana Santa. Holy week. And we just happened to be in Madrid. Caught the procession on Friday evening in Sol - seeing the purple hoods was a bit jarring, but hey, this is culture. A fantastic few days in the capital, a good break away from Barcelona. Lots more pictures to share, food and wines to reminisce about.

It's been a strange day. My Raptors got eliminated, a 1-point heartbreaker. And we had to submit an essay for our self management course with topic write your own obituary. And so we get a little creative. An obituary, by definition, requires a death. And now it is upon me to take my eternal rest. Just odd, and very uncomfortable actually writing about an as yet un-lived life. I have no problem with death - shit, I think about dying all the time. But to have to put down in writing acknowledgements, and milestones you want to be remembered for ... that's not right. That's not right at all.


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