Sunday, July 20, 2014

San Fermin 2014

One misstep led to another, and before I knew it, I'm on day 8 of a raging bender with no reasonable end in sight.

So last Saturday, following our 4th Friday night Shabbat, we were all a little hungover. Over lunch, decided with the roommate that yes, we were actually going to do it and head to Pamplona to take in San Fermin. Being so last minute, our original idea to rent a car fell through, so we went for the next best (or worst) thing. We went out (I headed straight for H&M) to find cheap white pants and shirts, and took the night bus leaving Barcelona at 10pm, and arriving in Pamplona at 4am on Sunday. We figured we'd head straight for the Plaza de Toros, watch the running of the bulls, take a lunch, then head back home on the 2pm train.

What a crazy 20 hours it turned out to be. Arriving in Pamplona was like what I imagine arriving in a refugee camp looks like. Garbage and shattered bottles everywhere - streams of urine flowing through the straights, people slumped in corners dry-heaving, puking, and just wasted. The day was fun though. The actual running of the bulls was over just like that, but the young calves they release into the ring were vicious. Killers, even with wrapped horns and all. A great atmosphere all around. By the time the sun was shining (14C at night here!!), all we wanted to do was find a park for a nap. Got home sweaty and dirty, but I got the stains out of my new white pants, and most importantly, no one came home gored, trashed, or otherwise injured. A great one-in-a-lifetime adventure.

We had our 5th Shabbat this past Friday, and my last one this summer. A little sad, to think that my time at the Calatrava flat is coming to an end, but hey, the bender is far from over. We go hard, until the bottles are empty, or to failure. Whatever comes first.


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