Wednesday, August 27, 2014


So I'm obsessed with these knives made by Kikuichi. I feel a bit stranded here in Zaragoza, cooking-wise ... the company flat is great and all, clean and in a great location, but the kitchen really leaves something to be desired. I've been reduced to pretty much eating scrambled eggs on toast with a cucumber every night now, with the odd fried chicken when time allows. Sad, but then hey, summer internship baby. This ain't no vacation. But one does dream.

I've been feeling tired lately. Coming out of the office into the sun always makes me a bit dizzy ... not sure if it's the dry air or the 35C temperature, but the 15 minute walk to the bus stop is always a struggle. Blasting Serena Ryder in the headphones helps. So does Lights. Canadian love. Must be a sight ... Chinese guy wearing bright t-shirts over rolled-up pants, walking along a dusty road with literally not a spot of greenery, just belting English songs off-key. Loudly. Just wailing away. I sit staring at a computer screen too long man, all day. But what am I saying. I'm being a baby. That's real life man, that's the hustle, that's the wine trade.

Just a bit over a week now before we conclude this project, and I'm pumped. Went through a review of it today, and while I'm on the right track, much more work left to do. You see, we have to look beyond what's obvious - ie. young Millenials are interested in wine but insecure about their knowledge - and find the insights behind it, and the implications for our company. I'm in this for the ones toiling and sweaty in the dirt and the vines, but the only way we can help them thrive is to sell, sell, sell. 


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