Saturday, September 6, 2014

all roads lead back to Barna

All roads lead back to Barna. So six weeks later, the Zaragoza project is over. Or rather, it's only just begun - I really had the convenient, easy job. All I had to do was do a high-level strategic report on the company's 3 key markets ... the real work, the real hustle is on the marketing team now. More on the who, what, why later.

It was hot in Zaragoza. I mean really hot. Desert climate so it's always hovering around 15C in the mornings, freezing your nuts off waiting for the bus, before soaring to 37C at noon. Kept it simple - work, running, and rest. Eggs and toast, raw lettuce for the entire time. Yogurt, croissants, and fruit in the morning. A not so gentle reminder that I wasn't there for a vacation or for a good time. I committed to a project, and well, you keep your commitments. But now I'm back! Still uncertain on living arrangements for the next 9 months, but we'll figure out before month end. At the moment, enjoying being back, and not having to think of anything but what I'm going to eat/drink next. 

A lot of fantastic things coming up ... highlighted with a few days in Bordeaux next week. Will visit a few estates in Pessac-Léognan and Sauternes, see some familiar faces. Can't wait. And then school starts up again! Unbelievable that we're heading into second year. A little older, a little wiser, a little drunker ... but still that same shit-disturber I'd like to think I always was. 

Will report back on Monday from Bordeaux!


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