Monday, September 8, 2014

On the wine trail, at last

I'm in Bordeaux! Everything went smooth, according to plan. Makes me a little nervous when things are like that, but no complaints. A little running around in the morning, to and from IESE to pick up some stuff, arriving in El Prat a little sweaty and just a bit out of breath. Did you know it's only 75 minutes from Barcelona to Bordeaux? And by car, it's only 20 minutes from Bordeaux Airport to the city centre? 

The lineup to get my rental car took longer than getting on and off the plane, but got my keys, and jumped into my Toyota Auris. Hybrid, a big plus already, but that feeling of getting behind the wheel after more than a year ... absolute bliss. Absolute bliss. And off we went, stopping by a (ludicrously enormous - think XXL Ikea sized) Carrefour to pick up breakfast, lunch, and water for the next 3 days. We save where we can. Flat's nice, but yeah, I did it again, another clogged bathtub drain. Bed's great though, triple the size of the one I'm sleeping on now, so I've got that going for me. No complaints.

What a beautiful city. Drove through just to see if it was worth the walk, and even through the window, it was a sight. Parked at the flat, and took the tram down - every major city really needs a light rail system (Toronto, get your shit together). Sunset stroll by the Garonne, and what a magnificent view. Like The Bund in Shanghai, but cleaner and much more elegant. Stately. Dinner at Le Petit Commerce, that grilled dorade I've been dreaming about. Dreaming about. 

Happy. An absolute dream come true, to be back in France, to be back on the wine trail (sorry Alfonso, borrowing that one). #DFonthewinetrail - on IG all week - @d2fang. Drunk and stuffed. Good night.


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