Thursday, September 4, 2014

On the road

Another day another dollar.

Those vato idiots are banging around again. For fuck's sake, I don't understand this toddler-like compulsion one of them has to constantly be making noise. Obnoxiousness is truly a global epidemic. One more night, one more night. Barcelona I'm coming home baby.

At least I had a good day. We went out to Navarra today, to see one of the company's own wineries, Bodegas La Casa de Lúcolo. Once a cooperative, the winery is quite large, with rows of enormous concrete vats - what you see above, with the paintings. Only the second year of the company's investment, with lots of renovations and touching up to do. A big, exciting project, which I'll write about later.

One more (half) day left of this extraordinary internship. It's been a great, great summer. Ready for my next adventure.


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