Friday, December 19, 2014

7 years of LCF

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So I've been missing. But LCF turns 7, so a quick update. Been busy, been doing some things. More or less keeping out of trouble, but as they say, it's not creepy if she likes it. 

Man. 7 years. I'm too tired, too drunk at the moment ... too disinterested for reflection, so let's move onto something more interesting. Classes finished last week, but DF never stops hustling. Working with my professor to finish the business case we started writing this summer. A winery in the north of Catalunya, in the mountains and the winds and the sea. Really not that much time to slow down, relax a little, as we finished 4th term. Damn son, only a few more months left. Only a few more months left before we're ejaculated out into the real world, but you know what's funny - that's not even giving me the most anxiety. What's messing with my head most now is this sudden realization that while I'm here in Barna having the time of my life - learning and experiencing all these new things - everything back home has been the same. Things haven't changed, while take it however way you want, I'm a new goddamn person. I don't fit in anymore, at least not back to that life. None of us do, for better or worse, so what now ... what next?

I'll tell you what. I try not to plan anything beyond the next 3 days. That's my trick, to keep me sane. So for now, for the meantime ... I'm focusing on enjoying my holidays. Flying out to Portugal on Monday. Porto for a day, to visit some port producers and taste some things. Driving down to Lisbon to spend Christmas with a buddy's family. Then off to Vienna on Boxing Day, where we'll hopefully get to hit some hot springs, and I get to drink some legit Austrian whites. New Year's Eve at another buddy's cabin, deep in the Austrian forest, before we head to Salzburg - been practicing Edelweiss - and then ending this go-around in Berlin. One night back in Barcelona, before a long flight to Shanghai, where I'll be taking 1 week of intensive courses at CEIBS, and 1 week of family time. Back in Barcelona on January 25th. About 35 days on the road in all. I feel ready. Mind and spirit, body and liver. 

7 years of grind and hustle, leading to this moment.