Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Post No. 3001

The last one of these stupid things, I promise. Although, super interesting to see what I was doing a hundred ago ...

January 1, 2014, check it out. In Madrid, with the homies, sleeping off the New Year's hangover. Good times. So much excitement at finishing the first term of the MBA, finally out with friends to do a bit of travelling, spending the holidays in Europe ... so where did that excitement go? Somewhere, dormant, under the heaviness of the job hunt. Everyone's saying don't worry, it's just a process, you'll find something. I KNOW. It doesn't make it any better, nor does it help to hear it over and over again. I'll figure something out, something great will come along, I always manage - just please, leave me alone.

Good. Chin up. What are my expectations, moving forward? I want to keep LCF going, even if it's just me reading, which it most likely is. But if you're here, many thanks dear reader. Will I find a job in wine & spirits, trade or otherwise? Jury's still out on that one. I know what I offer, the value I bring - nay create -  for a firm. I'm not industry-specific because the principles of marketing are completely transferable. Good marketing, like all things, are based on good fundamentals. And I has it. 

Here, you see my pride and glory - I'm a published business case author! Oliver Conti - A Dream With a Glow, the story of a little family owned winery in the north of Catalunya, producing wines of great style and character. And yet they struggle - with nature, with the market. So what do we do? Call it a day, wipe your hands clean of the mess? Of course not. You (I) find a way, think, put that 150K€ education to use. And then we find a way.

The last one of these stupid things, I promise ...


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