Monday, August 17, 2015

forging katanas

Dip, hammer, dip, hammer, dip, hammer, dip ...

This day, two years ago, I boarded a plane to Barcelona, and started on an adventure. An adventure that would test me, painfully at times, but one I threw myself into with everything I had. I can honestly say that I wasted not a single minute of my time as an IESE MBA - emptied the tank, as they say. And now, two years later, back where I started - sort of. When I can't sleep at night, I like watching these forging videos. There's something deeply soothing about watching craftsmen at work. Something inspiring too. The care and attention paid at every step of the way ... the concentration required. What's that line about getting back what you put in? 

It's been getting progressively more hot and humid in Toronto. Since unemployment more than 2 years ago, I haven't seen the inside of a gym, preferring to run, hop, and grunt outdoors. Easier in Barcelona, and much more pleasant too - those bright sunny skies leading all the way to the beach. Not quite the same here, what with our muggy, dark ravine leading to power lines and empty suburban streets. One has to enjoy the good times while they last, I suppose.

Post-MBA justification is a long, slow, steady road. Dip, hammer, dip.


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