Monday, October 19, 2015

just made it: Caol Ila

And I thought pronouncing it correctly would be our biggest challenge. Turns out it was making it to our appointment on time.

We didn't. Bruichladdich took much longer than expected, and we took a wrong turn heading out. So, an hour late, and with our tour guide already at home in front of the fire, we were shit out of luck. Nothing to do but have a quick taste and well, bugger off. It was our own damn fault.

No real story here - just a mess of taking our sweet time at the previous appointment, getting lost in country roads, and ultimately, having too good of a time to care. You'll have to excuse the notes. We were rushed, and perhaps I don't quite do them justice, but it is what it is. This distillery is owned by Diageo, another example of great stewardship. Beautiful facility, all glass windows and modern. The largest production of all Islay distilleries, and my buddy Hiro's favourite dram ...

Caol Ila

Moch: A simple whisky - smoky, grainy, a little rough.

12 Year Old: Lean here, aromas of straw. Alcohol quite prominent.

Distiller's Edition: Slightly smoky here, a little lean. Definitely fuller in body than the rest though, with good concentration on the palate.


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