Wednesday, April 1, 2015

change and renewal

It's April.

My favourite month of the year. And you know why? Nah son, it's not just because it's my birthday, but because of what this beautiful month brings. Growth. Change. A start of something new.

It's semana santa again ... and let me tell you something. I'm the only person in our class who hasn't been back home this entire time. I don't feel homesick, I don't feel like I missed out on anything. What is there to miss out on? The snow? The routine? The depressingly sameness of it all, the fact that nothing ever changes?! I mean, the decided mediocrity of it all is just ... check it out, Europe and Spain, they certainly aren't perfect. But it's been a thrill to be here unlike any other. Whether they like it or not, I'm of Catalunya now. Deal with it.

I can't afford a gym here. And even if I could, I can't afford the proper food to keep on those gains. So what can be done then. In a word - run. I've got a route that I've been running for more than a year now. The exact same steps, facilitated now that I'm living in Gracia. Down to Diagonal, west to La Marina, straight south to Torre Mapfre ... east to Barceloneta, up Laietana, then onto Pau Claris all the way back home. A clean 10 km. Easy-peasy. A lot of sweat equity expended on this route ...  many, many hours and kilometres. It gives me peace, it gives me a lot of joy. I'm a little at the point now where big, life-altering decisions have to be made because like it or not, the MBA is done in a month, and well, what's next? Where do we go? All questions keeping me up at night, especially tonight. Not a wink of sleep, but guess what - will get some eggs, some milk in the system, and yes, go for a run. Clear the head a little, get focused again.

After all, it's April.