Saturday, December 26, 2015

8 years of LCF

Are we here at that time of year again?! I suppose, given how things have been going the last few months, it's cathartic to get this out. Let's get this out of the way ... yes, I'm still freelancing as a business consultant. Yes, I'm growing more anxious by the day as I continue to dip into whatever savings I have left. Yes, I'm having a tough time appearing cheerful and staying patient when people think it's appropriate to continually ask So, was the MBA worth it?

Yes. It was worth it. It was worth all of it - every single fucking second I spent in Spain, every single fucking euro I had to borrow - every single fucking bit of it, good or bad. So can we please leave it alone now? Because if you're not paying my bills, then stfu.

Sorry. I'm not normally like this. And I do realize I'm a bit more acidic than usual, but as they say, turmoil breeds character. Or something like that. I'm sure once everything settles down, I'll look back on these few months and have a good chuckle, but when you're deep in the shit, it's hard sometimes to have perspective. So we think about happier times. Like 12 months ago. Man. 35 days on the road? Taking us across 4 countries, a dozen cities? Christmas in the bosom of a Portuguese family, New Year's deep in the mountains of Austria?! I've said this before, but it bears reminding myself, now more than ever - I'm a lucky man, for having had this experience. For the friendships I've made, for the memories created.

And nothing would make me regret a moment of it. Here's to 8 years of LCF, leading me to this. Only way to go is up!