DF | Wine Consultant


It starts with a single glass of wine, an elixir so pure and full of life that one would have to be a beast of the basest standards to not feel its glory and majesty.  One that sends tingles through your body.  One that etches itself into your mind, and into your heart.  One glass.  That is all.

This is the underlying principle of what I'd like all my clients to experience.  The one special wine that is unforgettable in its complexity, subtlety, and terroir signature, that all-encompassing spirit that defines what true wine is.  Event, venue, formality, budget - it matters not, because the wine experience overrides all.

What does it mean to be a wine consultant?  I'm certainly not an expert, nor do I presume to educate anyone in wine.  What I do believe in, with every fibre of being, is the ability of fine wine to elevate and transport, and truly exemplify what it means to have civilization.  I stand for a young group of wine drinkers who understand that fashion and trend in wine stands for naught; the only wines that will remain in legend for eternity are the true wines of the world that don't bow to market concessions and reflect an honest, humble sensibility.  

What are these wines?  Let's discover them together.  That's all I want.  You decide event specifics, venue, budget - let me guide your tasting, your experience, and let's all revel in the glory of the wonderful true wines of the world.