DF | Wine Lover

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Why does wine taste the way it does?  Why does one wine have a certain red fruit flavour, and another tastes of citrus?  How is it made?  How do you determine which is a good wine?  I suppose I like asking why questions.  I didn't get into wine because of a generous wine benefactor, nor any kind of family influence.  No, I, DF, the quintessential Shanghai man became enamoured with wine because of a simple case of curiosity.  

The way we communicate about wine is interesting.  Critics and wine writers build entire careers out of trying to make sense of wine to the general public, but why am I not convinced?  I don't think that wine writing is anywhere near the level of what it used to be.  How come?  Is the (North American) wine press dumbing down the language of wine to make it more consumer-friendly?  That's something I've been trying to figure out for years.

And that is what I'm trying to accomplish here.  Through writing about the wine I drink and the food I eat, I'm attempting to improve how I communicate palate experiences in word.  Certainly, I hope the photos complement the writing, but the key is to be able to not only accurately portray the experience in words, but also to introduce new ways of sensual perception to the reader.  I've got a long way to go, and I feel privileged that I've got an audience riding along.  

DF, wine connoisseur?  Perhaps in 50 years, if I am fortunate enough, and if it is meant to be.